Master Of the Flying Guillotine

How did we get our company name?

I remembering back in 1980’s, moving to Los Angeles from Phoenix Az . Los Angeles had Blackbelt Theater on channel 5 and Kung-Fu Theater on channel 9, before Elvira’s Mistress of the dark tv show. i saw Master of the flying guillotine movie for the first time, being a a kung-fu lover, thanks to my uncle Jefferey who study Martial Arts. also he’s was responsible for my love for comic books and horror films. seeing the badass blindman with a guillotine that takes people heads off was amazing to me!

It’s my Favorite Kungfu movie all time! that’s why i chosed that name.

The Movie that inspired me to started a T-shirt Company!

In 2007 i started a small company, before it was a hobby still working a full-time job. that was a blessing to take a chance as a business owner.

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